The coat-defect FGF5

and the eye-disease CMR1 is possible to find out by a simple DNA test!


Here is some short information about the

FGF5 gene

We decided to start the DNA testing of our dogs (longhair gene) and take our responsibility for our own dogs immediately, after we got the information about a litter with longhaired bullmastiffs in Sweden born 2015

That litter is closely related to our beloved Falcon, who was the first tested dog at our kennel. He turned out to be a carrier of the FGF5 gene.

Our import Perla has also a common dog with Falcon and the litter with longhaired puppies, in her pedigree. She is also tested  as a carrier of the gene. Perla will not be used for breeding, but it has nothing to do with the longhaired gene.

We have also tested all our other dogs, thoose here at home and thoose at co homes, and they were all clear from the longhaired gene.

Very important to know about the FGF5 gene is that dogs who are carriers or even longhaired, are not sick, or have any decease related to this gene.

The only reason we want to find out about our dogs, is to know what we breed. We can use a carrier for breeding, but will only use it with a clear partner. This could never give longhaired puppies, but could give more carriers.Thats why we also decided that we will always test the whole litters in future, when coming from a clear-carrier combination. The first litter like that is our C-litter. The results do you see at the result page.


We think this information is important both for us and a buyer who wants to breed in the future, everyone makes their own choices but you should always know all the facts and if we choose to include carriers in our breeding program we will take the responsibility and be beware of whats next.

2 clear parents, gives only clear puppies

1 carrier and 1 clear parent, could give clear and carrier puppies

2 carriers could give clear, carriers and affected (longhaired) puppies

thats why we won't ever use 2 carriers.

also check out this beautiful and well worked picture by Milla Strandheim (biggest thanks dear) about how the genes is inherited (in percent)

Xlnt Stars Kennel decided to take OUR responsibility for OUR breeding. It doesn't mean that we judge anyone else for what they do.

we want to avoid longhaired bullmastiff in our litters. With this test we can.

We will make a better information-page about the FGF5 gene here later.

we just felt we needed to get some information out for now.


Hope this makes things clear for those who wonders. Everyone is of course welcome to contact us with any further questions.

If you would lite to test your dog, you can get the test from


you can also find it at other sites but this is the one we started to use =)


Best Regards

Xlnt Stars Kennel