Testresults CMR1

Dogs DNA Tested for CMR1

If you have tested your dog and want us to publish your results here, please send us an email to xlntstars@hotmail.com with a copy of the certifikate.

We know there is more clears and carriers than is named below, but we can't publish those names without permission.


Bulldrome’s Easy To Be Xlnt SE49527/2017

Fullhouse Bull’s Eye Catcher SE56550/2020

Lovacc’s Lagertha For Strid SE57429/2020

Oxdjupets Big Brother SE35016/2017

Oxdjupets Billie Jean SE35020/2017

Xlnt Stars Diamant SE42782/2017

Xlnt Stars Falcon’s Falchini SE57406/2018

Xlnt Stars Falcon’s Fantini SE57408/2018

Xlnt Stars Genesis SE51309/2020

Xlnt Stars Gentleman SE51308/2020

CLEAR by parentage

Xlnt Stars Gilloria SE51310/2020

Xlnt Stars Godelia SE51311/2020

Xlnt Stars Impressivo SE62167/2021

Xlnt Stars Invictus SE62168/2021

Xlnt Stars Ironstone SE62166/2021

Xlnt Stars Irony SE62169/2021

Xlnt Stars Istine SE62171/2021

Xlnt Stars Iveria SE62170/2021


Safety of Flatland Cleopatra SE30072/2015

Remarkabull Oxdjupets Goody Four Paws SE28777/2020